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Helping you navigate your healing journey.

Step by step,
we've got you covered.


The Admission & Discharge Process

Transferring to Florida Rehabilitation Hospital: 

Once you've met with our admissions team and your information has been gathered from both your medical record and insurance information, our team will coordinate all arrangements with you, your family, your social workers or case managers, nurses, and your physicians for the day and time of the transfer to your new private room in our hospital.

Getting settled in:

Once you arrive, your rehabilitation team will greet you in your private room, which includes a multi-position and functioning bed and modern private shower. The team will review any additional paperwork details needed as well as provide you with our Florida Rehabilitation Hospital Welcome Booklet. This booklet has valuable information for you and your family around our rehab programs, patient's rights, meals, visiting hours, and other details to make your stay a positive experience.

Functional evaluation:

Everyone on your treatment team, including your Rehab Physician, Nurse, and Therapists, evaluates how you are functioning when you first arrive. This helps the team set meaningful goals and acts as a baseline to monitor progress. 

Treatment planning:

At this time, your physician determines your length of stay based upon your evaluation, and the Rehab Team begins to coordinate their planned approach. The plan for your ongoing treatment and daily therapy includes setting and working towards goals specific to you. No two people are alike, and no two treatment plans are alike. We treat the individual, not the diagnosis.

Monitoring progress: 

You will typically be visited daily by your Rehab Physician 3-5 times per week, monitored and cared for by the Rehab Nursing Staff, and worked with daily by your Therapy Team. Your therapists will continue to evaluate the progress you are making on your individualized goals. Expect to participate in a variety of therapy sessions 15 hours per week.  


Time to transition:
Preparing for discharge from our hospital to the most appropriate environment at the highest level of independence is the next phase of recovery. Your treatment team makes recommendations and works with the Case Manager to facilitate the transition.  

On the day of discharge, your Case Manager coordinates any final details with you and your family. Your inpatient rehab team will follow up with a phone call to see if you have questions and help ensure your success.

Ensuring you get the best care possible.

Conditions treated at Florida Rehabilitation Hospital may include:

  • Loss of mobility, difficulty with walking or stairs 

  • Susceptibility to falling

  • Loss of coordination and balance

  • Difficulty swallowing

  • Speech and language problems

  • Memory deficits and judgment difficulties

  • Difficulty performing self-care activities

  • Inability to work or function in the community

  • Loss of bowel or bladder control

We invite you to learn more and discuss your needs. 


Getting you back to where you belong.

We help facilitate follow-up services if needed. These services may include:

  • Outpatient therapy 

  • Medical follow up

  • Assistive devices

  • Additional equipment

  • Caregiver coordination

  • Follow-up phone calls

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