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We're With You, Every Step of The Way

Positively helping you reach your full potential

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Florida Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to offer exceptional inpatient rehabilitation services from our exceptional team.  We treat patients with respect and encourage them.  One of our dynamic duo therapy teams has even helped patients dance as part of their therapy.   

We make a positive difference in our community by improving the quality of life for patients in need, ensuring they reach their full health potential and return to the community they love.

Our patients and family members take comfort knowing that the care our patients receive for debilitating disease or injury are treated by a team of inspired rehabilitation professionals, custom-designed to meet the needs of each patient.

Work-Related Injury

Getting injured on the job can be a challenging and life-altering experience. Workplace injuries can affect your physical health and ability to provide for yourself and your family. Navigating the workers’ compensation processes can be challenging, and it may be difficult to determine how and where to seek the best work-related rehab treatments after a workplace injury. Florida Rehabilitation Hospital at Tampa has a Workers’ Comp Specialist on staff who can help you navigate the workers' compensation process so you can receive the inpatient rehabilitation treatment you need to achieve the highest possible function and get back to work and your life.

Learn More About Our Specialty Services

The following is a partial list of the conditions we treat through our specialized interventions and inpatient rehabilitation therapy services. Click into each to learn more. 

Are Intensive Inpatient Therapy Services Right For You?

Patients engaged in daily inpatient therapy services at Florida Rehabilitation Hospital will typically receive a combination of Physical therapy, Occupational Therapy, and/or Speech therapy services.

Learn more about these therapeutic disciplines, the typical focus of daily therapy activities, and how our integrated multidisciplinary treatment teams work tirelessly to restore your function and and get you back to living the life you love.

Florida Rehabilitation Hospital

The admissions process begins before you even arrive. Our team comes to you and helps evaluate your needs, particular circumstance, and current functional abilities. We work with your physician and family to develop an admission and rehabilitation plan specific to you. Learn more >>

Depending upon the patient's specific needs, conditions, and diagnosis, daily participation in therapeutic activities such as Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT), and/or Speech and Language Therapy will be scheduled. Learn more >>

No two people and no two families are alike. That's why our personalized care, individualized treatment plans, dedicated therapy, and medical team, and state-of-the-art technology all combine to get and keep you healthy, well, and prepared for what's next. Learn more >>

Florida Rehabilitation Hospital offers specialized rehabilitation services that are laser-focused and customized to address individual therapeutic goals and meet individual needs.Learn more >>

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